Monday, 18 February 2013


Have you ever had something like a debilitating neurological condition which causes tremor and then gone to see one of the most exciting thrillers in years at the cinema? No? Well, if you ever get such a condition (and I hope none of you reading this ever will), go to see Argo and you'll know what I am talking about! The cinema (the lovely Duke of York's in Brighton) was packed and I was sitting in the front row which in fact, is where I prefer to sit. After about 30 minutes, I was shaking and must have taken some of the other front rowers with me, certainly the poor guy sitting next to me to whom I apologised afterwards.

It is a great film, deftly directed by Ben Affleck who also gives a very good performance in the central role. Alan Arkin is wonderful of course. Not sure about some aspects of the last scene but it wasn't enough to overshadow what was a thoroughly good film based on a true story. I met some friends as I was doing my Ben Affleck impersonation walking up the aisle (he has a debilitating neurological condition in my scene) and they said they had seen Lincoln the week before but much preferred Argo. Not sure you can really compare two films like this although that is what they are going to do at the Oscars I suppose. Lincoln was wordy and worthy but Daniel Day-Lewis was superb. He must be the best actor of his generation.

It is nice to get back to Cinema going again. It helps that I am sleeping better and so am less likely to fall asleep in films although last week, having eaten a whole packet of chocolate the day before, I  had hardly any sleep and then stupidly went to see "The Master" and woke up as the credits rolled. I have never done that before.