Friday, 28 June 2013

Let yourself go!

This was a stop motion film I had been waiting to make ever since I first set eyes on the Bandstand on Brighton Beach when we moved to Brighton in 2011. Soon after we moved in, a Community Police Officer called me in response to some enquiry we had made and, after chatting quite pleasantly with her for about 15 minutes, she asked if I had any more questions. I said "Yes, just one.  Can I photograph myself dancing naked on the Bandstand at five o'clock in the morning?" She laughed and replied "Yes, so long as you face the sea". I didn't say that that was the last thing I wanted to do but it was because the sea had to be the backdrop.

In most of my films, I do all the camera work but, in this case, I could see that the quicker it was done, the less likely I was to be arrested. Therefore, when Lisa Wormsley agreed to do a second photographic shoot, I asked her if she minded doing it very early one morning after helping me with the stop motion film on the bandstand. She was very happy to help and so, armed with nothing more than the cane from "A Country Wife" and my grandfather's  silk top hat, we filmed it.

And it worked out just as I wanted it to.

You can see another copy of the same film on my You Tube Channel "tjra1951"

Monday, 24 June 2013


Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke

If you are a human being then this film will speak volumes. It is, quite simply, 
a masterpiece. Beautifully acted, intelligently written, sensitively directed 
(by Richard Linklater) and with a wonderfully subtle musical score. 

It is about what we all are - human beings - sometimes complicated, sometimes 
straightforward but always interesting. We are all the same but we are just passing 
through and, on the journey, we live and we learn.
If you have seen and enjoyed the previous two films "Before Sunrise" and "Before 
Sunset" then you will need no further introduction or recommendation. If you 
have not see them before, please try to watch them first but, quite honestly, the films
do stand on their own.

The saga will continue and, of course, we shall all love it in our own way. I shall 
say no more except that this is cinema at its very best.