Monday, 24 June 2013


Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke

If you are a human being then this film will speak volumes. It is, quite simply, 
a masterpiece. Beautifully acted, intelligently written, sensitively directed 
(by Richard Linklater) and with a wonderfully subtle musical score. 

It is about what we all are - human beings - sometimes complicated, sometimes 
straightforward but always interesting. We are all the same but we are just passing 
through and, on the journey, we live and we learn.
If you have seen and enjoyed the previous two films "Before Sunrise" and "Before 
Sunset" then you will need no further introduction or recommendation. If you 
have not see them before, please try to watch them first but, quite honestly, the films
do stand on their own.

The saga will continue and, of course, we shall all love it in our own way. I shall 
say no more except that this is cinema at its very best.

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