Sunday, 18 December 2016


This year's Christmas Special is again introduced by Roger A. Destroyer and includes performances by The Black Thumbnail and Mr Merryweather QC.

The name of Roger A Destroyer is a real name found in a book of real names. Initially,  Roger wrote letters to the two friends whose book it was. He was conceived as an ex-army officer who lived with a bad-tempered, jealous wife who constantly hen-pecked him. He then began to use a computer for the first time and now he is the permanent host of the Easter and Christmas shows.

The character of the Black Thumbnail came about as a consequence of me trapping my thumb in the back door which left me with a bruised thumb the nail of which went black - I wanted him to be the most wicked of wicked men. As with a lot of my characters, he was developed through improvisation. He is the favourite character of a friend of mine who called me once to say that he and his wife would be passing my door later and asked if they could pop in to say hello. I said of course they could and got myself togged up as the Black Thumbnail to welcome them when they came to the door. About ten minutes later, the doorbell rang and I opened the door but it wasn't them! It was another friend, calling on the off chance, and when she saw me she said "Oh!?!" at which I ripped my false moustache off and explained that I was expecting someone else.

As for Mr Merryweather, I had always wanted to do such person ever since I saw a white wig on a stall at a car boot sale. It was quite expensive so I hesitated and didn't buy it and then went back to the sale a week later but the stall wasn't there. Eventually, I found a similar wig in a costume shop and wrote the first story in rhyme and managed to memorise it.

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